Newark Wastewater Treatment Facility, Newark NY
Newark Wastewater Treatment Facility, Newark NY
Newark Wastewater Treatment Facility, Newark NY
Town of Penfield GIS Viewer
Red Creek Wastewater Treatment Reed Beds
Village of Avon Water Meter Data Entry Map
Farmington Wastewater Treatment Plant
Geneseo Wastewater Treatment Plant
Newark Wastewater Treatment Facility, Newark NY
Newark Wastewater Treatment Facility, Newark NY
Newark Wastewater Treatment Facility, Newark NY

MRB Group Services

OUR TEAM: The licensed engineers and operators at MRB Group provide a comprehensive range of professional services to municipal, commercial, and not-for-profit clients in the following fields: civil, structural and term engineering; architecture; site development; GIS and mapping services; community planning; master plans and strategic studies; code revision and compliance; legal and SEQR review and documentation; and municipal efficiency initiatives.

Engineering Services
MRB Group provides civil, structural, site, and environmental system engineering to municipalities and commercial entities. Representing more municipalities in an advisory capacity than most other professional firms, we are proud of our long-standing relationships with our clients – some spanning decades.
  • civil engineering services
  • structural engineering services
  • site development and design services
  • term engineering services
  • road & highway improvement projects
  • construction phase services
Water / Wastewater Engineering Services
MRB Group has unparalleled experience in building new and improving or upgrading existing water and wastewater treatment facilities. Some of the design elements include storage tanks, pump stations, distribution and transmission systems, filtration treatment systems, groundwater well installations, master meter vaults, pressure reducing stations aerobic and anaerobic digester work, clarifier tanks and equipment, grit removal systems, membrane bioreactors (MBRs), sequencing batch reactors (SBRs), compost facilities, and biotower filters.
  • wastewater collection, pumping, and treatment
  • water treatment and supply
  • water & sewer extension
  • sewer system rehabilitation
  • drainage projects & studies
Municipal Services
A project created by MRB Group to support local governments facing critical economic challenges, this initiative is focused on identifying and assisting with implementation of efficiencies and best-practices in order to reduce operational expenses.
  • GIS services
  • community master and comprehensive plans
  • grant administration
  • grant writing
Architecture / Architectural Services
MRB Group provides architecture and architectural planning and design services to public and private clients. The ability to successfully design, create, and implement an operationally functional and cost-effective facility is an MRB Group hallmark. We assist our clients in the development of facilities that provide for the most efficient use of space, preserve flexibility, meet budgetary constraints, and deliver aesthetic appeal.
  • architectural reviews
  • existing building analysis
  • site master plans / review
  • expansions
  • planning and design services
  • code compliance
Planning Services
MRB Group has a wealth of knowledge in Planning Services that comes from years of providing hands-on support to client communities. We routinely assist a number of municipalities with Planning Board review services. In addition, MRB Group provides extensive and complete Planning Administrative and Development Regulation Services, Community Master Plans, and is intimately familiar with the legal and administrative issues as they relate to municipal engineering services.
  • evaluations of roadways and traffic
  • sidewalks and pedestrian circulation
  • septic systems and sanitary sewers
  • grading and drainage issues
  • wetlands and other sensitive areas
  • park and recreational needs
  • lighting & landscaping
  • stormwater management plans
  • erosion and sedimentation control
  • cell tower applications
  • Legal & SEQR Review / Documentation
  • Preservation Projects and Districts
  • Planning Administration and Development Regulation Services
  • SEQR Review / Documentation
Site Plan Review
MRB Group performs site plan reviews to evaluate an existing parcel’s characteristics and determine how the development will impact and improve a site. A review of local, state, and federal codes is performed. As part of this review process, the following items are typically reviewed:
  • Building Placement
  • Parking & ADA Requirements
  • Utility Needs
  • Stormwater Management & Flood Plain Management
  • SEQR – State Environmental Quality Review
Code Compliance
MRB Group assists our clients with building permits and building design reviews. Our firm provides our clients with a full range of Architecture, Mechanical, Electric, Plumbing, and Code Enforcement review services. We also team with local firms to assist in these areas when special inspections are required: Our services include the following:
  • NYS Building Code review
  • Mechanical/ electrical/ plumbing review
  • Fire code & property maintenance review
  • Energy conservation review
  • ADA accessibility review
  • Structural review