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Dissolution: Towns left “Holding the bag”

If you have been led to believe that dissolution is only a village matter, think again. The decision to dissolve may be made by village voters, but it’s the Town which must face any post-dissolution consequences…Click below to read the full article Dissolution – Towns Left Holding Bag

MRB Group | GIS

MRB Group’s expertise: helping communities make the most of GIS, by making the technology affordable and easy to use.

The Blue Highways of GIS By Sam Wear One of my all-time favorite books is William Least Heat-Moon’s 1982 classic Blue Highways. Considered a masterpiece of American travel writing, Blue Highways is Heat-Moon’s personal journey along the nation’s back roads chronicling his curiosity about “those little towns that get on the map – if they… Read more »

MRB Group | Municipal Gavel

MRB Group Helping Municipalities Become More Efficient

MRB Group Helping Municipalities Become More Efficient A provider of municipal services for more than 80 years, MRB Group is one of the longest-standing firms offering counsel – and serving as a resource – to communities across the state. This is why the firm has created a new, on-going project to support client communities. Called the Strategic Municipal… Read more »