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MRB Group supports a number of local community service organizations and efforts, through staff support, donations, and direct participation in events and projects.  Each year, our staff supports the United Way, American Cancer Society, Children Awaiting Parents, and a number of other critically important charitable organizations serving the greater Rochester community.

MRB Group also supports scholarships and professional education programs through both State and National Chapters of our professional membership organizations.

MRB Group team members also are extraordinary volunteers, and we are proud of the individual contributions of our staff.

Currently on display in our Library are photographs and recent activities of senior operations engineer Brian Romeiser.  Brian and his family organize volunteer groups and travel each year to remote areas of the world that are in desperate need caused by extreme social, environmental, or political conditions.  Providing hands-on support, they develop lasting contributions such as water and sanitation systems, community building projects, and daycare and educational facilities.

Both professionally and personally, MRB Group employees are motivated to make a difference.

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